Ekklesia, UK

The STORY SO FAR....................
2001 - God called Nadine Lee to start a new vocal group that would touch Christians
and non Christians alike.

2002 - The vocal sound developed, news spread & Ekklesia which means ' The Called
Out', began writing their own material.

2003 - Ekklesia releases a four track EP featuring the most significant faces of UK
Urban Gospel. With a track written by MOBO & UMA, Uk Gospel Pioneer Isaiah-
Raymond Dyer of Raymond and Co, the unique sounds of leading Hiphop artist
'Practical Wisdom' of Green Jade and the much sort after guitar flavour that only
Michael 'The Prophet' Brown could add, Good News became one of the strongest
musical offerings of 2003. The release generates a UK Gospel media hype, which in
turn encourages a much requested promo tour of the EP.

August 2003 - Ekklesia enter the GMTV/Integrity/Voice Gospel Challenge, winning
the London heat and awesome comments from judges Kanya King & Mica Paris.
2004 - Marriages, babies & one member (Shaneeka) leaving - Yes a break impended.
December 2004 - Hotly anticipated release of Single 'Cant be Hurt'. A Favourite with
DJ's & listeners, with some hot mixes by Kenz & Wez er nate.

2006- Ekklesia released another foot stomping hit 'Get to know you'.
2007 – again …Marriages, babies and an almost complete album. Ekklesia have a
short performance break and work on the album.

2008- Ekklesia’s ALBUM IS READY to GO! The Launch was 26th April 2008 at The
London Gospel Venue and featured guests who have blessed the album, namely
Janine Dyer (Raymond & Co), Wizdom (GreenJade), Isaiah Raymond Dyer
(Raymond & Co), Michael ‘The Prophet’ Brown and Chevelle Franklyn.

2010 – Ekklesia are preparing to release a new album. In September 2010 the
released ‘Love Him So Much’, which again has amazing vocals and an amazing
musical arrangment. Look out for promotion’s, radio air play and tour dates for 2011.