John Tillery, USA

Three time Stellar Award nominee, John Tillery, emerges on the scene with the smash hit song "Look At Me", which is a remake of the classic song by Walter Hawkins. As a singer, songwriter and producer, John has worked with several artists in gospel and secular music.  He has worked with such ministries as, Isaiah D. Thomas and Elements of Praise, The Barbados Gospelfest Mass Choir, The Alaska Mass Choir, just to name a few.

In 1998, John was selected to sing for the sound track of the HBO production of "City Of Peace" produced by Barbara Streisand.  John was also featured along with his song "God Is Still On The Throne" in the 2003 release of the motion picture "Guilty By Association" starring Morgan Freeman.  John along with his singing group Living Sacrifice has recorded over 5 CD's, and has worked with a list of "Who's Who" in gospel music, including: Twinkie Clark, Richard Smallwood, Albertina Walker, and many others.  His Current CD The John Tillery Project, features guest vocalist: Earnest Pugh, Isaiah D. Thomas, and Lois Tillery-Moore.  Vanessa Williams & Sherisse Nelson-McIntosh of Richard Smallwood's group Vision, are also featured as lead vocalist on this project.  John currently serves as Sr. Minister of Praise & Worship and Music Administration at his local church.  

When asked, what is it that he wish people would know about him?  He puts it simple, "That I love God, His word, my family and doing His will."

To God be all the glory!