The Chitans

The Chitans is a Grenadian Family in ministry, currently residing in Toronto, Canada

that serve the community through activities such as ministering in churches, hospitals,

nursing homes, community centers, prisons and street ministry - feeding the homeless.

We sing at religious, cultural, human rights and civic gatherings throughout Canada, the

U.S.A., the Caribbean, including Bermuda and to heads of state in Jamaica, Grenada,

Bermuda and Canada. We were invited to and have also ministered at The White House

and the U.S Congress on Capitol Hill. We have received a Congressional Award in July

2012 from the United States of America for volunteer work done on the streets of

Brooklyn, New York.

We are partners with organisations locally and internationally such as:

? The BBPA and Harry Jerome Awards

? Grenada Toronto Community Network (GTCN)

? Grenada Consulate Toronto

? Grenada Association Toronto

? Grenada Independence Planning Committee

? EFCCC, Educational Foundation for Children's Care Canada

? Women of Excellence Toronto,

? Omotayo Headmatters Org,

? Rehoboth Nathan Phillips Square Feeding Program

? Jamaican Canadian Association

? Afro Global Television,

? Annual Prayer at The White House,

? VOPTV New York,

? Byways and Hedges New York,

? Bobby Jones Presents Nashville Tennessee,

? We Care Program (ReNew Hope) Prison Revival for Alabama State

? Other organizations including Caribbean Consulates, Churches and Police

Organizations in Toronto and elsewhere.

The Chitans have been privileged to minister and tour with Lynda Randle of Bill

Gaither and his Homecoming Friends. Our new CD was produced by Lynda Randle and

was recorded and Engineered at Gaither’s Studio.