Sean Daniel

Sean Ricardo Daniel is a born-again Gospel singer and worship leader who has been serving the Lord since the age of 10. He is an ordained Minister at Faith Revival Ministries in Tunapuna, Trinidad where he has been fellowshipping since 1987, and serves as  
Worship Leader and Youth Leader.
From recording his first single "Pan In Heaven" in August 1997 Sean went on to release his first album, Divine Soca and is currently working on his eighth album. In more than 25 years of recording music Sean is the recipient of numerous awards from Barbados, USA, Bahamas, England, South Africa, Israel, and his native Trinidad & Tobago.
Among his achievements, Sean sings in 12 genres of music, is a three-time finalist in the Trinidad Calypso Monarch/Dimanche Gras, is fluent in Spanish and is a trained First Responder/Emergency Medical Technician. He is married for 20+ years to Venessa Marina Daniel and they have a son, Christian Jeremiah Daniel.
Sean believes in the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit....that they should be flowing in abundance in the life of every Believer!