The National Conservation Commission (NCC), a key partner of Barbados Gospelfest 2024, plays a vital role in preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of Barbados. As a department of the Ministry of Environment, Water Resources & Drainage, the NCC is dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainable development. Led by a dedicated Board of Management and supported by a skilled team of professionals, the NCC oversees a wide range of operations aimed at protecting Barbados’ natural resources and promoting responsible stewardship.

From maintaining public parks and beaches to managing plant nurseries and garden centers, the NCC is committed to creating and maintaining spaces where residents and visitors can connect with nature. Through its various departments and services, including ranger and lifeguard services, the NCC ensures the safety and enjoyment of all who visit Barbados’ natural attractions. As a proud partner of Barbados Gospelfest, the NCC contributes to the festival’s success by providing access to beautiful outdoor venues and promoting environmental awareness and conservation efforts within the community.

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