As a vital partner of Gospelfest, the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) plays a crucial role in fostering the development and promotion of culture in Barbados. Established as a statutory body by CAP 384B, the NCF is dedicated to stimulating and facilitating the growth of cultural expressions across the island. With a mandate to support and assist individuals and groups interested in cultivating various aspects of Barbadian culture, the NCF serves as a catalyst for creativity and artistic innovation.

Through its diverse range of programs, initiatives, and events, the NCF enriches the cultural landscape of Barbados, providing opportunities for artists, performers, and cultural enthusiasts to showcase their talents and celebrate the rich heritage of the island. Committed to promoting inclusivity and accessibility, the NCF actively engages with communities throughout Barbados, ensuring that cultural expression remains vibrant and accessible to all. As a valued partner of Gospelfest, the NCF contributes to the festival’s mission of celebrating the diversity and richness of Barbadian culture while fostering a sense of unity and pride among its people.

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