As a partner of Gospelfest, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Barbados is dedicated to mobilizing and training individuals to spread the message of hope and faith locally and globally. With a focus on youth, the poor, and those who have yet to encounter the Gospel, YWAM equips individuals to make a positive impact on communities near and far. Through outreach programs and missions, YWAM Barbados strives to reach diverse populations and share the transformative power of faith.

YWAM Barbados also seeks to create a vibrant and inclusive community where diversity is celebrated, creativity is nurtured, and personal growth in the Lord is encouraged. By empowering youth to become catalysts for change, YWAM Barbados inspires young people to embrace their potential as world changers guided by their faith. As a partner of Gospelfest, YWAM Barbados contributes to the festival’s mission of spreading the message of love, compassion, and faith, fostering positive change in communities across Barbados and beyond.

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